Sunday, October 11, 2015

Looking forward to being stateside again & client Burn Richards


  1. No one is following this. No one. Give it up. It is boring as hell.
    Focus on making a living. Your'e not a renaissance woman. Mediocrity at many things deemed to be art, expert at none.
    You're a nice person but the time wasted on being an "artist" is going to catch up with you. You mean well, but just offering some words of advice. We can't all be artists. Try to get a better job, work more hours, start saving for retirement. Make the art stuff a hobby but not your sole focus. You'll be happier in the long term.

  2. Also, on the "reactions" why don't you have a box for "boring" or "irrelevant" instead of just self congratulatory boxes? Just amazing to me that crap like this occupies bandwidth on the internet. Just because it can be posted it is assumed that it has some kind of artistic value? Give me a break. I see, the internet allows all to have a soapbox and to assume that posting something is somehow profound. Furthermore, so much of this crap is from narcissistic traits----the need to have constant adulation from others on the internet. Oh so clever. Nova = Avon spelled backwards. Wow. How profound. The sheltered little world of the Mission District with wannabe "artists" all tripping over each other is not reflective of real life and what most of us have to do to make a living. In a way it's a form of escapism and an unwillingness or inability to deal with the toils of daily living. Give it up.