Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nova's Cousin Sarah and hubby

Sarah is Nova Avon's cousin who lives in Reno with her husband Don.

Sarah is a dental hygienist and Don is an insurance adjuster.

They're doing pretty well financially, so Sarah came to San Francisco to meet Nova over the Christmas Holidays. Don stayed home, which is just as well, because it gave Nova and Sarah some quality time together -- you know, girl talk.

Plus, Don got to sit around in his underwear in the condo, smoke cigars indoors (although Sarah smelled it when she got home and had to spray everything with Febreze to get the smell out), and scratch himself in peace.

Actor: John Steiner

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Is Mindy Farris?

Mindy Farris is a former Pet Art Therapist who now makes cement garden pastries for a living.
See her in action by clicking here.

When Mindy was a Pet Art Therapist (click here). And here.

How is she connected to Nova Avon? Through Suzie Baker, of course. Mindy became acquainted with Suzie's Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking through her friend Alejandro, who is currently a Chef Practitioner there.