Thursday, March 17, 2016

Suzie Baker gets a Fashion Treatment from Mindy Farris

Suzie Baker gets a fashion treatment from Mindy Farris. Brandy Bobeche is considering this. She heard about it through Burn Richards's marketing consultant, Nova Avon, when they all visited her in Dordrecht, Holland. Through Nova, they previously had met and hired suzie Baker as their chef/consultant. She travelled with them to Holland and received the treatment there, in Nova's Inspiration Cottage.

The treatment consists of wearing clothes and accessories that vibrate at certain frequencies, as determined by need. This is very similar to food resonance treatments that Suzie Baker performs on her clients, so she herself was very receptive to the treatment. Brandy Bobeche will receive a treatment, too, as will her dog, Gillian. You see, Mindy Farris was a Pet Art Therapist in the past, so this streams very well into this new modality practice.

In this case, Mindy prescribed the use of black pumps, flourescent green pants and a purse in a certain red shade by the designer known as Brenee. Suzie wore her chef's coat during the treatment because it is the color white - which acts as a third point/field between the red/green opposition - and because she wears it more than any other garment. Thus, it will absorb and then radiate the appropriate waves to help her maintain balance. Suzie was sure that her imbalance was caused by gluten, something she does not want to avoid, since she is not a gluten-free chef/baker.

Mindy determined that the fashion treatment will eliminate existing gluten-fueled imbalances, and instructed Suzie to use only organic, non-GMO grains. In addition, Mindy directed Suzie to embellish any cream puffs she makes with real gold leaf, to neutralize the dairy-gluten-sugar devil triad. Coincidentally, Suzie had already begun to do this, intuitively feeling the grounding vibe from the gold leaf-- not surprising, as she is, after all, the creator of Spiritual Cooking Practice.