Friday, January 22, 2010

Two New Characters: Brett and Sandy Renee

Nova's deceased brother Brett has just appeared on Nova's blog. His girlfriend Sandy Renee O'Malley/Davis is in the works. Sandy Renee has found Nova through Twitter, and has shared photos she took of Bret less than two weeks before he died. In the photos he is drawing fashion designs, a surprise to Nova. It is an interest that Bret hid from family and most friends because of all the harassment he knew he would receive, in addition to the hard time he was constantly given for his appearance and lifestyle. Sandy will share much information about Brett with Nova that will reveal a previously unknown creative side. Nova gains an appreciation for Sandy, who she previously disapproved of because she is 10 years older than Brett.

Sandy (pictured below) is also interested in fashion design, and will form a design "studio" (at her kitchen table) that she calls "Brenee"-- a combination of "Brett" and "Renee." Her hope is to share Brett's creativity with the world while pursuing her career in fashion design. She will have three lines: designs by Brett, her own designs, and designs that combine elements of the two. Sandy has begun to go by her middle name, Renee. She uses various last surnames, including O'Malley, Davis, and O'Malley/Davis.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Video about Suzie Baker and Nova Avon

Happy New Year.
Here is a new video in 3 parts about a treatment given to Nova Avon by Suzie Baker to curb Nova's excessive alcohol consumption: it's called "Egg Nova On" and is in three parts