Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moslof Folsom's wife's cousin Brownie...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Haiku Cooking" notes and images

Claire used Dropbox to share some files with you!

Click here to view Haiku Cooking Aug 8 2013.
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Fry An Egg Haiku

From "Haiku Cooking" by Suzie Baker

Oil is finely hot
When dropped, liquid egg turns white
Cover to cook top

©2013 Suzie Baker & Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun with art books and streetview...

I combined a photo of a sky from a Vermeer painting ("View of Delft") in a book, with a streetview shot of modern day Delft, Holland. Nova is there for a marketing gig...

this is from Nova's Facebook page:

Original Photos that were combined to make Nova's "cellphone" image

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dick Ramsey, Abstract Expressionist Painter.

This guy is kinda cool. (He has hired me to make his blog, see: " I Am Dick Ramsey")

"Homestead" was made especially for the San Francisco Cinematheque, in honor of the physicality of the film surface. On the right are forms related to sprocket holes; the left side has line forms representing a soundtrack. The materials are those of construction: concrete, plaster, paint, nails, and chicken wire, and there is a sculpted form of a reclining woman or mountain range--the land that is mastered by the strong. (30" x 30" on stretched canvas) - Dick Ramsey, 2013

Dick Ramsey starting an Action Painting

Detail of the Finished Action Painting

Artist Statement
Dick Ramsey

I harness the muscularity of materials. The support, canvas, and paint have to be tamed into orderly containment of chaos. I transgress boundaries by molding my canvasses into deeper realms than simple two-dimensional art can reach. Whether by shaping the wet canvas into a body landscape of womanly guile, or using the dynamic structure of thrown, dripped, or wrangled paint streams, I intrepidly pioneer past the surface, continually inverting the alternative universe to sing my song.

Dick Ramsey 

The Finished Painting

Detail from Another Painting in Progress 

 A drawing of one of Dick's students

Study for "Land/Fill," in progress 2013
Study for "Red Star," 2013

"Spot," in progress painting by Dick Ramsey