Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dick Ramsey, Abstract Expressionist Painter.

This guy is kinda cool. (He has hired me to make his blog, see: " I Am Dick Ramsey")

"Homestead" was made especially for the San Francisco Cinematheque, in honor of the physicality of the film surface. On the right are forms related to sprocket holes; the left side has line forms representing a soundtrack. The materials are those of construction: concrete, plaster, paint, nails, and chicken wire, and there is a sculpted form of a reclining woman or mountain range--the land that is mastered by the strong. (30" x 30" on stretched canvas) - Dick Ramsey, 2013

Dick Ramsey starting an Action Painting

Detail of the Finished Action Painting

Artist Statement
Dick Ramsey

I harness the muscularity of materials. The support, canvas, and paint have to be tamed into orderly containment of chaos. I transgress boundaries by molding my canvasses into deeper realms than simple two-dimensional art can reach. Whether by shaping the wet canvas into a body landscape of womanly guile, or using the dynamic structure of thrown, dripped, or wrangled paint streams, I intrepidly pioneer past the surface, continually inverting the alternative universe to sing my song.

Dick Ramsey 

The Finished Painting

Detail from Another Painting in Progress 

 A drawing of one of Dick's students

Study for "Land/Fill," in progress 2013
Study for "Red Star," 2013

"Spot," in progress painting by Dick Ramsey