Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can Marketing Be Punk? Brave New 2.0

I noticed a book called "Punk Marketing" in the library. I try to inform myself about marketing since that is Nova Avon's profession; usually my eyes glaze over after reading one sentence, unless the book is in a "Twitter" format with bits of information not much longer than a text message, and broken up into boxes and other visual compartments. I thought a book called "Punk Marketing" might be easier to focus on.

But isn't the term an oxymoron? Isn't punk all about anarchy and non-consumerism?

Language, language! Punk marketing; Google a silly word for one of the most powerful organisms on the planet; the Cloud is a mass of concrete and wires and is only like a cloud in its actual weight (clouds way tons and tons--they're made of water); Yahoo--a "yahoo" used to be an unsophisticated yokel; Facebook is another massively powerful entity whose name still brings to my mind the image of the little yearbook from my junior high school.

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  1. "Get off your ass & join the revolution"


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