Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet Jerzey Becker

Facebook screen grab of Jerzey Becker, poetry analyst, friend of Morton Veritas, boyfriend of 3rd wave feminist Shelley Gray. Lots of processing and rephotography is needed to change the age, texture, and gender of the character.

He looks a lot like Morton Veritas, which may be ok, for they are friends. As Donna Reese says, longtime friends begin to resemble one another. She also made me laugh by writing that he has worked as Poetry Analyst for Bechtel Corp. (I actually worked there in 1984 as a Cost Engineer..)

Original screen grab of stills from iPhone video of Jerzey Becker. I got in character mentally by feeling like the person I imagine him to be, and trying to be masculine, feeling what it is to be masculine, and adjusting my body so that my neck looks thicker--unfortunately this creates the double chin (which is ok for moslof Folsom but not for this guy). I used black masking tape to make the hair, eyebrows, mustache, and what was supposed to be a cleft in the chin (but looks like a second-chin duster), Adam's apple, and chest hair.

What I looked like one minute after the above (still wearing black masking tape sideburns)
The weird eyes are from me staring into the iPhone screen as I take the picture.

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