Saturday, December 5, 2009

Following Nova

As has happened with at least three of my characters, I have just seen a real-life version of Nova Avon.

I was in the library and noticed her in my peripheral vision. What first caught my eye was her walk and posture. The general sense of her physical self literally embodied the character I have in mind for Nova Avon. Her height, build, hair style and color, clothing--it was her. There she was, browsing in the library like Nova does. In her Saturday clothes--fashionably tight jeans and shirt with a scarf, fashion boots with a heel high enough to make one walk a certain way...and a large shoulder bag, of course.

She even looks like the sort of person I imagine Nova to be--studious, feminine, focused, serious but not rigid...

I wonder what her story was. Too bad I couldn't follow her...

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